3 Monocled Cobra trapped in fishnet Rescue from Barikpur, Bhadrak, Odisha, India

Animals | February 4, 2022 9:07 AM | Hang Bona

In addition to India, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, the snake can also be found in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, and Thailand. They are termed monocled cobras because of the O shape hood pattern, also known as the monoacetate hood pattern, which ranges in length from 4 to 5 feet with a maximum length […]

Massive Elephant Scares Away 3 Baby Hippos

Animals | January 30, 2022 4:10 AM | Hang Bona

Amazing footage shows an agitated elephant scaring three juvenile hippos away from a watering pool. Evan Malsbury caught this footage at South Africa’s Umfolozi River. “We were part of an organized tour group that had scheduled for a river cruise,” he said of the sighting. There were a few other boats on the river, but […]

Freshwater Crocodile is atta.cked by a massive saltwater crocodile.

Animals | | Hang Bona

A stunning video shows a saltwater crocodile chomping down on a freshwater crocodile.Tour guide Lynden James captured the incredible encounter on camera from a helicopter in northwestern Australia and posted it on HeliSpirit’s Facebook page. An Australian aircraft captured stunning footage of a big saltwater crocodile eating down on a little freshwater crocodile. It was […]

Python S.wallows Goat Whole

Animals, Trend | | Hang Bona

Dramatic visuals show villagers in India prodding a 15-foot-long python and tying its head with a rope after they found it s.wallowed a goat. Scores of villagers gathered in Baihata Chariali village in the northeastern state of Assam after they spotted a python struggling with a bloated belly. The snake v.entured into the […]

Wolf Pack Takes Out Coyote

Animals | | Hang Bona

Isn’t it true that coyotes and wolves are nearly identical? Wrong. While coyotes and wolves are both canines, their evolutionary trajectories diverged thousands of years ago, and they have never been the same since. Coyotes are smaller, weaker, and older, and as a result, they are no match for wolves, who are larger, stronger, and […]

15 Times Animals M.essed With The W.rong O.pponent

Animals | | Hang Bona

If you ever thought your life was tough, well you should take a look at these a.n.g.r.y animals! Yep, life in the animal kingdom is b.r.u.t.a.l, and everyday creatures are f.o.r.c.e.d to defend their lives by all means necessary! It’s a game of survival, where the winner survives to see another day, and the loser… […]

The lion put his life on the line in order to attack the buffalo, and he was too terrified to hide in the bushes.

Animals, Related Post | January 24, 2022 8:35 AM | Hang Bona

The untamed world is alluring because of the most dramatic life-or-d.eath c.onfrontations, and the b.attles b.etween buffalo and lion are arguably the most entertaining to watch because they are the most level-playing. In a viral video on YouTube, a buffalo has recently terrified two lions who at.tempted to tease the buffalo. In the footage, a […]

A raccoon was saved from being buried alive by a group of caring children.

Animals | | Hang Bona

After two wonderfully caring children accidently discovered and rescued a trapped and buried alive raccoon, he was given one more chance! The dramatic rescue was caught on film, and the two are now considered heroes. Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, two brothers, saved the hapless creatures from probable d.eath. Dray McMillon (Dray), his son Daiton […]

Cute baby elephant loves his nap time so much that his keepers can’t wake him up.

Animals | January 20, 2022 12:06 AM | Hang Bona

The defiant little critter was seen napping happily on his side in the center of Prague Zoo in a beautiful video. When the caretakers gave him a gentle nudge, the youngster chased after her mother, ignoring her irate mother, who trampled him with her trunk. The zoo workers gave him a little push when he […]

Bees Sleeping In A Flower Photographed by a Photographer.

Animals | | Hang Bona

Pollinators, such as bees, help plants live and reproduce by transferring pollen between different species of blooming plants, mostly flowers. They normally carry pollen on their legs and bodies from one bloom to the next, assisting in the creation of “genetic variation” by dispersing various genes over a large number of plants and flowers. Bees […]



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