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Mother Mountain Goat Protects Her Baby From Snow Leopard

Animals, Related Post | April 24, 2022 2:43 AM | Hang Bona

The snow leopards live in my country in Mongolia’s north-west part up high of the Altai mountains And what is very unusual, in the south side of Mongolia there is the desert Gobi in the high mountains, They are under strict protection and control because of 2-legged-animal-hunters after these beautiful nature creatures. Nice film footage […]

The lion put his life on the line in order to attack the buffalo, and he was too terrified to hide in the bushes.

Animals, Related Post | January 24, 2022 8:35 AM | Hang Bona

The untamed world is alluring because of the most dramatic life-or-d.eath c.onfrontations, and the b.attles b.etween buffalo and lion are arguably the most entertaining to watch because they are the most level-playing. In a viral video on YouTube, a buffalo has recently terrified two lions who at.tempted to tease the buffalo. In the footage, a […]

Big Cat Powerful Become Prey Of The Giant Anaconda.

Animals, Related Post | January 14, 2022 2:10 AM | Hang Bona

Tigers and jaguars are superb swimmers and can fight in the water, but that was a domestic cat. The anaconda evolved into a reticulated python, then the jaguar morphed into a house cat as the python switched back, similar to how the anaconda morphed into a reticulated python, then the jaguar morphed into a house […]



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