Animals | September 23, 2021 5:43 AM | Hang Bona

15 moments when male lions relentlessly attack their prey

The cheetah did not run because he was injured, 4 cheetahs had been fighting for a while for a female and the lions were just stalking them, so analyzing the video well, it was determined that the cheetah did not run because he had a very injured hind leg.

In the part of the video where it attacks the cheetah, it is not that the cheetah jogged, it had just unsuccessfully chased another prey and after the race, they need to rest, that is how they remain vulnerable and try to escape without much force.

The scene where the lion catches the cheetah is because previously two males were attacking her, she was a female cheetah, and the commotion attracted the lions, and when she was injured she could not escape quickly this is the documentary.

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