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A Really Old Turtle.

“These people discovered a turtle that appeared to know all the secrets of the universe” “Yesterday is history, future is a mystery, and now is a gift”

Turtle appears to be the wise one who bestows the rarest armor, but he’s hidden behind seven unmarked tasks, and when you finally meet him, you’re told you’re not high enough level or whatever, and you’ll have to return “when you’re ready.

” Tomorrow is unknown, but today is a present. That is why it is referred to be a gift.”

The huge turtle on whose back the Discworld was transported across space looks like Great A’Tuin, the World Turtle, of the species Chelys galactica. The turtle’s species The type of turtle that can grant you the ability to bend an element or teach you how to take someone’s bending away, Thank you for like and share.

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