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After a dangerous accident, rescue workers assisted the baby elephant by providing artificial respiration.

In Thailand, a newborn elephant was crossing the street alone when it was hit by an off-duty employee.

Unfortunately, the baby elephant was crossing the road alone in Chathaburi province, eastern Thailand, when an accident occurred. The Apatthai rescue worker drove the automobile at a very high pace since he was on a mission and collided with a motorcycle.

After the collision, the young elephant was laying in the center of the road.

It got hit by a passing motorcycle and is in excruciating pain on the road. Apatthai and his comrades were befuddled and worried, unsure of what to do next.

Apatthai quickly phoned his colleague, Mana Srivate, the medical officer at his headquarters, when he cooled down. Mana Srivate went to the site after receiving the call, despite the fact that he was unemployed. While colleagues a few meters away dealt with a startled biker, he was observed cradling the baby elephant with both hands as it lay on its side. Fortunately, this passerby is just mildly dazed; a brief rest will suffice.

Mana Srivate has worked as a paramedic for almost 20 years and has performed several CPRs, but never on an elephant.

“At the moment, I regarded the newborn elephant as a genuine human being who needed to be saved.” Mana said, “It was also my professional obligation.”

“I could hear the mother elephant and the other elephants calling her cubs,” says the narrator.

Based on human thinking and a video clip I viewed online, I assumed where the elephant heart would be. I must utilize every measures at my disposal to operate on this helpless newborn elephant’s body.” His determination, on the other hand, is to save the young elephant’s life.

Fortunately, after 10 minutes of hard labor, the young elephant gradually regained awareness and awoke, much to the delight of those who were present. Right after that, her mother elephant also found her baby, the mother elephant takes care of her baby, the baby elephant will quickly recover, Thank you for like and share.

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