Animals | November 7, 2021 12:10 AM | Hang Bona

His technique of lying on the couch is quite professional.

I was amazed at how much a kangaroo raised by humans and not in a petting zoo may resemble a dog, I was touring Australia and stopped at a petrol station rv park while traveling across the outback.

I took a chance and approached an old roo who was resting near to a fence sunning himself.
Only when I was rubbing beneath his chin and ears and he was leaning into it did he truly recognize me, It reminded me of an elderly retriever lounging in the sun.

I like to think of these kinds of kangaroos as a “bunny dog”, And Rufus has demonstrated exactly why?

I love all of God’s creation, especially the animals, sure wish I could have a Rufus, so nice to see him being loved, thanks so much for what you do, Thank you for like and share.

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