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Honey Badger Rescues Her Baby from Leopard.

Honey badgers, if you know anything about them, will tell you that they are brave, These brave little critters frequently face up against some of the world’s most dangerous predators, such as lions, wild dogs, hyenas, and, most recently, a leopard.

When a hungry leopard comes after her young, a mother honey badger doesn’t hesitate to fight back.

Sahara Wulfsohn, a 28-year-old guide at Kirkmans Kamp in the Greater Kruger National Park’s Sabi Sands Game Reserve, videotaped the remarkable encounter near the lodge, where she witnessed it from beginning to end.

“The leopard crept closer and closer until its nose was almost brushing the [baby] badger’s back end, “I’m sure the badger had the surprise of its life when it turned around,” Wulfsohn told Latest Sightings, “The leopard attacked with a claw and tooth rage, and the tiny badger fought fiercely and heroically but was no match for the leopard.”
The mother honey badger charged in at that point, driving the leopard fleeing for safety, Thank you for like and share.

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