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King Cobra Big Battle In The Desert Mongoose and the unexpected.

Few animal fights have garnered more attention than the legendary duel between the cobra and the mongoose throughout history, Cobras were feared for their … and adored as deities in ancient Egyptian and Indian civilizations, whereas mongooses were respected for their ability to … snakes.

Cobras, of course, do not all belong to the same species or family of snakes, but they are all poisonous, Mongooses, too, are a family of mammals, with the Indian gray mongoose being one of the most well-known snake-fighters.

Mongooses can and do eat cobras and other … snakes, despite the fact that cobras are not interested in … them.

While cobras have extremely strong venom, it is insufficient to halt a hungry mongoose, This is due to the fact that many mongoose species are highly nimble, have thick fur coats, and have unique acetylcholine receptors that make them snake venom resistant or immune, So, in a fight between a cobra and a mongoose, the mongoose has a huge advantage, Thank you for like and share.

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