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Two-Headed Fawn Discovered in a Forest.

A mushroom hunter in Minnesota came across an unusual find: a stillborn two-headed deer, This is a first; the only other known occurrence of conjoined fawns occurred in utero (within the mother’s womb).

In a statement, University of Georgia physicist Gino D’Angelo stated, “It’s remarkable and exceedingly unusual,” “We have no way of knowing how rare this is.

There are certainly anomalies happening in the wild that we don’t even know about among the tens of millions of fawns born annually in the United States.”

What might lead a fawn to grow a second head? The specimen in this case was a set of female conjoined twins who had failed to separate.

While the fawns had normal coats, heads, and legs, a CT scan, MRI, and necropsy revealed that they had fused spines, a shared liver, and two hearts that shared a single pericardial sac. They possessed two esophagi and forestomachs, one of which was totally closed up, Thank you for like and share.

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