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Crocodile vs Elephant.

When a mother elephant decides to take a drink from a river, she is unaware that there is … lurking right below the surface, A huge 10 ft crocodile decides to latch its jaws onto the unsuspecting elephant’s trunk, The young elephants watch helplessly as the crocodile … and the mother fights back.

Hippos are king of the rivers in Africa, Crocs wouldn’t mess with a grown hippo, I’ve seen hippos snap Crocs in half.

That is what I call power by these giants, The elephant lifted that crocodile like a log, If it was a zebra, that would have been game over.

Elephants are extremely intelligent, and drink at the same known safe rivers and watering holes, Elephants would be extinct today, if they obtained food resources that were consistently unreliable for their own.

They know where the crocodile habitats are located, and they know where the king cobra habitats are located, They map out a life and survival plan for their own kind that results in continued survival, safe food and water resources, safe areas for shade, etc, Thank you for like and share.

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