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King Cobra.

The venom output per bite of the King Cobra (Ohiophagus Hanna) is between 600 and 1000 mg, and they bite immediately around the brain and/or heart, with the longest hood being the largest poisonous serpents.

Although the average LD 50 value is 1.8 mg/kg, the Monocled/ Monocellate Cobras (Naja Kaouthia) in the eastern Indian subcontinent are twice as poisonous as the Spectacled Cobras (Naja Naja) and eight times less toxic than the Spectacled Cobras (Naja Naja).

In general, a victim bitten by a sname that delivers the most venom anywhere on the planet has between eight and forty-five minutes to live.

They are mostly made up of neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, and cytotoxic venom, Thank you for like and share.

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