Animals | December 27, 2021 1:17 AM | Hang Bona

Caught On Camera Snake Devours Crocodile After 5 Hour Battle.

After a five-hour battle between SNAKE and the crocodile, we saw that the snake had taken complete control of the crocodile.

The snake, about 10 feet long and supposedly a python, fell into the crocodile before pulling it to shore in front of a startled crowd.

Author Tiffany Colis captures the camera on Lake Mondara in Queensland, Australia.

That Anaconda will not eat anything for the rest of her life, so if you have to claw your feet and be bitten by a snake a few hours later you have just been bitten by a snake and the snake is unbelievable.

This happened recently in Florida, the snake exploded, thanks for like and share.



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