Animals | December 28, 2021 12:00 AM | Hang Bona

Moments When Big Cats Face the Python.

If you look into it. The tiger lived. It also had its claws and some teeth removed. It was also a juvenile tiger. Had it been a fully grown and fully armed tiger. It would have easily that python.

In all honesty, if the big cat is small, python or anaconda could win but the big cat adult can’t lose to python in any case. Except it’s injured or someone stage the whole the thing.

Jaguar has a diet of python and leopard are also occasionally hunts python. Apart of these two I haven’t seen lion or tiger clips but I sure know they both are the strongest big cat. Cat generally are pretty high level assassin with very strong bite and claw attack.

Python grip maybe great but if big cat use its claw it can easily cut it and moreover the Belly of these snakes is soft compare to their back. So yea gripping a sharp claw cat isn’t the best idea.



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