Birds | December 28, 2021 12:29 AM | Hang Bona

Stork vs chick – Select the little chick.

It may seem that the falcon is struggling to stop the crow, but in the end, the sight of the falcon grabbing the victory is interesting to watch, The other is that Hayabusa’s pride as a bird of prey is clearly manifested.

I know it’s part of the pepper chain, but I wouldn’t have the courage to see it without trying to free the bird from the claws of this hawk! poor little bird.

Crows walk with Pyonpyeong, but owls and birds of prey walk like Big Zam.

You should either pull the head off the crow or just stretch its neck instead of just standing by watching the crow suffer and your falcon potentially lose an eye.

The falcon also isn’t suited to crows as he would of broke the crows neck in an instant. You also lost out on the chance of helping your falcon the crow and increasing your bond instead of just being the dumb human standing by filming.



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