Animals | December 29, 2021 1:37 AM | Hang Bona

3 wild Jackal rushes into the cave to … the pregnant Python to save its baby trapped in the cave.

Jackals are smart AF and awesome predators, and from what I’ve heard, the black backed jackal is apparently the oldest member of the genus Canis. Amazing, ancient little dogs!

I know a lot of people feel bad for the baby wildebeest. However there might be little jackal puppies that are hungry. Not only do predators have to hunt for themselves, they also have to hunt for their babies that need the meat and protein in order to grow and survive. It’s a cycle but it works.

I’ve seen several videos of wildebeest mothers that out of sheer desperation & panic, they attack their own calf by mistake. Often failing to understand they are attacking the wrong target, & all you see is a calf twirling up in the air & landing hard on the ground. I wonder if the initial injury on the calf’s left flank was done by the mother itself.



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