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The 7 giant snakes in the world in history .. !! No. 1 never loses

7 Largest Snake In The World In History, No. 1 Unbeaten. In Indonesia, there have been sightings of a dragon called a nabau snake, but until now it is still controversial whether the dragon is real or just an edit.

Snakes are one of the reptiles that are quite familiar to human ears, even many of the reptile lovers who keep them. From the type of snake that is not venomous, venomous to quite dangerous in terms of its coils, such as the anaconda or python.

Have you ever heard of the Titanoboa snake? Titanoboa is an ancient snake that is said to have lived with a body the size of a school bus. Titanoboa (Boa Titan) is a snake that lived about 60 to 58 million years ago in the Paleocene period.



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