Animals | January 6, 2022 2:58 AM | Hang Bona

15 Biggest Snakes Ever Found.

Ophidiophobia is one of the most common fears in the world. After what that snaked did to Adam & Eve, and the way Kaa treated Mowgli, you’d beinsensible to NOT think these limbless slithering monstrosities were shifty. And if there is one fool-proof way to take something that’s scary and makeit even scarier, it’s to make it bigger. Brace yourself: these are the biggest snakes ever found!

You do realize you were showing people handling a Yellow anaconda which grows to around 12ft. The one slithering through the field within that clip was the actual anaconda you were referring to, the Green Anaconda. Both are anacondas, but two separate sub species.

Snakes are living dinosaurs and are actually quite pretty. I have a ball python in my bedroom that is approaching 5ft and is quite a docile animal. They eat vermin so are a very useful animal. Fewer rats and mice in the world are a good thing.



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