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The 3 largest snakes in the world – the largest snake.

Speaking of the largest snake in the world today, no one can beat the following three snakes, even this giant snake is recorded as a huge wild animal and even humans, records and patterns indicate its size There can be dozens of meters that are hard to find today. Here are the three largest snakes in the world today (Titanoboa is not included because it is extinct)

The African Rock Python 3 The python, one of the largest snakes in the world today, was reportedly the largest ever photographed by KH Kroft in 1958. At 7 meters long, another stunning specimen is The animal he photographed in the Gambia is 7.5 in size. m wooow .. The size of a monster, but not many men … The most horrible thing in the world came from a pilot named Remy Van Lierde from Belgium in 1959 in Katanga, Congo. When he returned from his mission by helicopter, he claimed to have seen a 15-meter-long Congo snake and was able to capture images.

2 Green anaconda Green anaconda or eunectes murinus is a giant snake referred to as the ruler of the Amazon, the largest of which is a specimen captured by W.L. Schurz in 1962 claimed to have measured the Brazilian anaconda, which was 8.46 meters long with a body circumference of 112 centimeters. Oooh .. the size of a coconut tree! But not so many men. What is even more surprising is the story of the amazon hinterland tribe who claim to have seen an anaconda more than 15 meters long. Useful ..

1 Python reticulatus unknown python reticulatus This giant python from Southeast Asia is the longest snake in the world, it has even been recorded to have attacked humans many times. The largest recorded size was discovered by Harry C Raven from the American Museum of Natural History in 1912 in Sulawesi. The animal is medusa. . It is recorded to be 7.6 meters long with a weight of 159 kg. However, the people of Kalimantan believe in the existence of a python king, which is claimed to be more than 15 meters long, so far it has not been found.



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