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Moment an elephant mother bravely shakes the vicious crocodile off her trunk.

When the female elephant and her cub were a.tta.cked, they were drinking on the Luangwa River in South Luangwa National Park.

A nasty alligator jumps out of the dark waters and bites the female’s trunk.

As a newborn elephant and its mother drank from the river, the crocodile leapt from the water.

As the crocodile thrashed around, the elephant was forced to her knees.

Despite the predator grasping her trunk, the elephant didn’t give up and turned away from the water, bringing her hind legs down.

The female used incredible strength to knock the crocodile out of the water.

She and her child escaped the, though there was a second scare when the baby tripped as the duo fled.

Despite the croc’s best efforts, the elephant managed to turn away from the water.

The mother stepped away from the water, the croc still clamped on her, with her kid safely on the other side.

As she went away, the big elephant dragged the crocodile all the way out of the water.

Late in the day, they were seen feasting on the river.

The South Luangwa National Park is known for its large elephant herds, which can number up to 70 individuals.

The park features 60 kinds of animals, including baboons, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, leopards, lions, and hippos, and covers an area of 9000 square kilometers.

Despite the unwelcomed addition, she and her child took off running.

As the mother finally shakes the croc, water gushes from her trunk, and her infant trips over the predator before the pair flees safely.



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