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A Tiny Bush Baby and Bobo The Gorilla Have Befriended Each Other.

Ape Action Africa is a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of endangered monkeys, chimps, and gorillas in Africa. It is one of Africa’s largest primate conservation efforts. The majority of the animals are orphans that have been brought in as a result of illegal pet and bushmeat transactions. The caretakers there perform routine checkups on the 300 inhabitants, and the results are usually routine.

These creatures, on the other hand, don’t forget to surprise the caregivers every now and then. On a beautiful day, a caregiver noticed Bobo, a Western Lowland gorilla, with a new friend. A wild and young jungle infant was cradled by the gorilla. The bushbaby did not appear to be afraid of the gorilla and roamed around his body.

Before returning to the gorilla, the juvenile animal even spent some time jumping in the open. The caregiver was not surprised by this incidence because Bebo is known for being compassionate, despite the fact that Bobo was the dominant male in his group. He was a gorilla that had fought off other gorillas to gain control of his territory. However, it was noted that he also had a kind side to him.



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