Elephant | January 17, 2022 3:11 AM | Hang Bona

Elephant stabs and kills buffalo

Young male elephants that don’t have an elder male elephant around them, tend to kill other animals for no reason, It happens. Always hilarious to hear tourist reactions when they realize nature isn’t Disney.

After reading through the comments I realized that no one understands what is going on So let me explain male elephants have a periodic condition called MUSTH during which the testosterone levels in elephants increase to an average of 60 times higher than normal but in some individuals can go as high as 140.

I worked as a tour guide in the Okavango delta, One day a young elephant wandered into the compound where the tents were located. The tourists were ecstatic and started taking pictures and approaching the animal. I immediately assembled a handful of guides and we came running hitting the elephant with large wooden poles to drive it out of the compound and chased it away with the jeeps.



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