Animals | January 19, 2022 10:23 AM | Hang Bona

Harbin Tiger Park tiger leaps 20 feet for pheasant.

Tigers cannot learn to hunt in this manner since they were raised believing that all birds originated from an SUV, Those tigers should catch that man because he has more meat to offer.

People must realize that feeding them this manner in captivity is better for them; yes, it is terrible to the birds since they are thrown to the tigers, but it is better for the tigers.

Those aren’t pheasants, by the way. Guinea fowl, to be precise, I have a flock of sheep, The best ‘watchdogs’ I’ve ever seen, That appears to be entertaining, For the tigers, I’d like to release some pheasants.

Visitors are to blame since they provide the finances that allow this practice to continue, Cool, They are stunning creatures, That was a fantastic leap, Thank you for like and share.



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