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Meet Kea, A Unique Alpine Parrot With Olive-Green Edges And Black, Orange, Yellow Feathers Hidden Under Its Wings

The kea is a unique bird that deserves to be mentioned when it comes to unique birds. The alpine parrots were born with beautiful feathers. Underneath their wings are vivid orange, barred yellow, and black feathers with olive-emerald borders. When these creatures spread their wings, they are quite stunning.

Their orange feathers, interestingly, are invisible to the naked eye. Other birds and insects can see them since they are visible in the UV spectrum.

The name Kea comes from the loud, high-pitched call they make. Keee-aaa!

Kea males and females differ slightly. Females have smaller beaks and shorter beaks than males.

This species of bird is intelligent and enjoys having a good time. According to studies, a kea bird has the intelligence of a four-year-old child.

This bird is also recognized for its inquisitiveness. They have a knack for figuring out puzzles.

New Zealand’s Southern Island is home to the kea bird. They are occasionally found in coastal areas.

Plants and animals are included in their diet (bugs and larvae from the ground). They also devour baby shearwater birds, scavenge deer, and consume sheep corpses.

Female birds lay their eggs on the ground and in crevices in their native woodland during the breeding season. Males assist females in feeding the chicks.



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