Horror Angry Mother Buffalo Killed Lion To Save Her Calf

Buffalo | March 24, 2022 11:36 AM | Hang Bona

Love to see the buffaloes kick the nasty lions’ butts, If the buffaloes work together, watch out for each other the lions will not be able to harm them, Adult buffaloes are stronger and more vicious than lions if they want to be, Yet they run from predators If only buffaloes organize and stand their […]

Lions hunting a buffalo in Serengeti NP, Tanzania

Buffalo | October 11, 2021 9:22 AM | Hang Bona

What a pity it is to see how beautiful our nature is, unfortunate the presence of the vehicles that if they were not present this video would not be filmed and that mother could perhaps have defended her son more. How awful that all the cars were right there and interfered! The calf might have […]

Buffalo gets saved by rangers and attack vehicles!

Buffalo | October 1, 2021 3:48 AM | Hang Bona

Wow! Tons of praises go out to those Rangers, My heart is filled with love for you and the animals – thank you, kind sirs! God bless you all!. What an effort massive and immeasurably humane. God bless everyone involved in the rescue operation. I love how the other buffaloes are waiting patiently for their […]



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