This leopard will be killed by a porcupine

Leopard | May 1, 2022 2:35 AM | Hang Bona

I worked for a veterinarian in the Texas Hill Country and porcupines are no joke. I know in the states, The quills aren’t as long as in Africa and South America but it’s horrifying to care for an animal who has a face full of quills, All the same. If you do happen to get […]

Hungry Leopard Gets Defeated By Prickly Porcupine

Leopard | April 19, 2022 4:27 AM | Hang Bona

For those that are saying the porcupines Barb’s are poisonous, they are not, however, if they go deep into your skin they will cause serious damage. I love it when the prey can fight back and is capable of defending itself from the predator. So the porcupine is more than capable of running away fast, […]

A mother lion saves her baby from a vicious dog

Leopard | March 27, 2022 7:28 AM | Hang Bona

I like how the deer pretended to be dead to fool the predators and then jumped up and fled away, that’s great. Amazing, The leopard stalked the warring bucks at first, then a cheetah chased them down, but a leopard attacked the buck, then a doe, and ultimately a cheetah on a calf. I particularly […]

Lion Attacks Leopard in Road

Leopard | March 26, 2022 3:02 PM | Hang Bona

We followed it at a distance down the road and we saw it kept looking to the left into the bush, but, we just figured it was looking at antelope or hearing other noises. Eventually, we also decided to look to the left and we saw a lioness walking towards the leopard and going into […]

Leopard learns how to catch a fish

Leopard | March 7, 2022 3:18 AM | Hang Bona

Leopard learns how to catch a fish Wow!, that was a huge fish! That’ll be a good meal for him, Too bad his mother didn’t get a lightbulb on her head too! They both looked like they needed food, Now that he knows he will be able to try again maybe in the future, Soo […]

Cobra attacks leopard

Leopard | February 1, 2022 2:26 AM | Hang Bona

Snake Piton attacks the leopard and tries to devour the feline, did she do well? See what happened in this incredible attack. For a magnificent animal like the leopard to lose its life to a snake would be an immense loss to nature in general. Cats are formidable and unsurpassed in hunting, if they were […]

Porcupine shows leopard who’s boss

Leopard | September 23, 2021 5:50 AM | Hang Bona

Young Leopard hunting a Porcupine. Not that experienced yet. He kept going for it but only got the sharp end of this prickly fella. The Porcupine stood his ground, Porcupine is the only fighter who wins by turning his back in battle. Porcupines were trolling hard. He could have left but he wanted so bad […]



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